At the SE Fair (see schedule) the customers present their project topicsA. Afterwards, if you want to join the project, you have to register via email to the coordinator.

You can (but don’t have to) build groups and register together. We encourage you to find other people at the SE Fair, through Slack. The preferred group size for the registration is 3 people. The maximum group size is 7 people.

To register, send one email with all the following information for each group member:

Furthermore, include a prioritized selection of your three favorite project topics in your mail. We do our best to meet your preferences, when building groups and assigning topics. However, we cannot always give everybody his or her first choice.

Examination Office

Additionally(!) to your registration with the organizer you have to sign-up in TUCaN. The exact courses you have to choose depends on your course of studies and on the way you want to include the project.

As Part of the Regular Electives

You can include the SE project as part of the regular electives in both the BachelorBP and Master program. To do so, register for the following courses as “Studienleistungen” as soon as you start your project:

  • Agile Software Engineering Projekt (9CP) (TUCaN: 20-00-0989-pp)
  • Software Engineering – Projektseminar (3CP) (TUCaN: 20-00-0359-se)

As a Replacement for the “Bachelor-Praktikum”

It is mandatory to attend the Bachelor-Praktikum as part of the B.Sc., but it is possible to replace it with the Software Engineering Project. Please note that there is further information available on that topic.

You register for the following course as soon as you start your project:

  • Bachelor-Praktikum (9CP) (TUCaN: 20-00-0906-pr)
  • Software Engineering – Projektseminar (3CP) (TUCaN: 20-00-0359-se)

The additional practical course with 3CP honors the fact that the SE project is more complex than the BP.

As a “Studienarbeit” in Business Informatics

If you study Business Informatics, you can attend the SE project regularly, but you can also decide to write a “Studienarbeit” (15CP) instead. In the latter case, you will write an additional report to compensate for the difference in CP. Please get in contact with the organizers to get to know the details. A “Studienarbeit” does not require any registration in TUCaN; it will be registered by the examination office after we submitted your grade at the end of the project.

Please be aware, that the new study regulations in Business Informatics do not allow “Studienarbeiten” anymore.

A Access from within the university network using RBG authentication

BP Participating regularly as a Bachelor student means that you have to take the Bachelor Praktikum in addition to the SE project. The alternative is to take the SE project as a replacement for the Bachelor Praktikum.